Nothing is worse than having a freezer or refrigerator full of food and the appliance fails. If you are a large business this could mean thousands of dollars in food that is becoming quickly useless. If you are at home, a warm refrigerator or freezer will mean you have to throw out hundreds of dollars in food!  You Can Count on Us

4Vets Consultants, LLC has the expertise to fix your broken refrigerator or freezer. We specialize in both residential and commercial appliances.

We will check each appliance to see where the problems are and try to fix what we can on the spot. If parts need replacement, we can do that too.

We can repair or replace any part of your appliance:

  • - Lights
  • - Motors
  • - Themostats
  • - Relays
  • - Switches
  • - Compressors
  • - Defrosters
  • - Door Seals
  • - Evaporator Coils
  • - Fans